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Trendy Styles

Moon London Jewellery | jewellery that lives longer then our clothes. After all, if you’ve found a beautiful pieces that you really love don’t you want to wear it for years to come? I wanted to build a jewellery collection that is versatile and be used with many clothes and so you can make best out of it. I want you to know that whatever you buy here, you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Meet the designer

I have always been fascinated by Nature’s colours and textures. Spending many years soaking in the natural vibes, I knew I was ready to design my own timeless jewellery.

At Moon London, I design what I feel, and feel what I design. It’s a combination that keeps mood lively. We have been working heard to offer you the beautiful, trendy & unique jewellery that is edgy, practical, interesting and very comfortable. Moon London wants you to feel great day & Night, whatever the occasion. We want every visit here to make you feel that you are exploring all your favourite styles.

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