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Birthstone Of December


The throat chakra is stimulated by blue topaz. 

Blue Topaz is associated with wisdom, communication, and discovering the most direct routes to success and sweet opportunity. It's a stone that calms your fears and invites you to embrace your noble self, believe in your power, and find your own kind of good fortune. Topaz derives its name from the Sanskrit word for fire, and it is used to cleanse and support the spoken word and self-expression. Topaz is best known in crystal healing for its manifesting properties; it is a crystal of joy, generosity, abundance, and good health.


It is a symbol of friendship and can also be used to encourage romantic love. 

Turquoise repels negative energy and can be worn to shield oneself from outside influences. It gives forth a life-affirming energy that heals the spirit while also instilling inner serenity and knowledge. 

It is a strengthening yet tranquil stone because of its capacity to reduce tension, depression, and tiredness. 

It has long been known to balance and align the chakras, thereby reducing mood swings and promoting emotional tranquilly.

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